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Scottsdale is home to scores of cosmetic surgeons, so it’s popular with Phoenix area residents and undoubtedly medical tourism as well.

If you’ve been considering soome cosmetic treatment for yourself or a loved one, here are the potential upsides and downsides of the procedure:


Advantages of cosmetic surgery


Cosmetic surgery can make you look better

Perhaps you want to reshape a bump in your nose, tighten up neck skin, or slim your body. You can get some improvements naturally, like losing weight, but many if not most of the desired upgrades are impossible by traditional methods.

You feel better

If your nose has always bugged you or you think people are looking at a part of your appearance that troubles you, you may feel better about yourself if you get that body feature addressed. That means an improvement in how you carry yourself, how you present to others, and your confidence . And that can boost other aspects of your life, such as work and social interactions. Your psychological health can improve.

Quick results

You can work that excess fat off with a gym membership (that you use), disciplined workouts, a healthy diet, and lifestyle changes. While those are all recommended, they take much longer that cosmetics surgery. There can be recovery time, although it’s still much faster.

Improved health

If your nose configuration is giving you difficulty breathing, fixing that will allow you to be not only more comfortable but also more physical. Losing weight might also help – and inspire – you to keep it off by being more active. It’s not the top reason, but it can be a be a side benefit for some.

Results are long lasting

While lotions, tighteners, and some physical therapy can show immediate results, that doesn’t last more than a day or so. Some precedures, like a nose correction, is forever. Most of the other improvements don’t lock in the improvement until the end of days, but cosmetic surgery generally lasts for years.

Scottsdale is a cosmetic surgery hub

A Scottsdale woman doesn’t have to travel for proceures as Scottsdale has a plethora of cosmetic surgeons. It’s such a hub for cosmetic surgery that those interested in getting a procedure done has a vast array of choices of well-regarded and experienced doctors who specialize in often very targeted procedures. Beverly Hills may have more cosmetic specialists than Scottsdale, but not many cities have such a high percentage of these medical experts compared to population. That’s also a regional reputation that must be maintained for the benefit of patients and the medical businesses.


Disadvantages of cosmetic surgery


Risks of cosmetic surgery

Every surgery has risks and things can go wrong. They involve cuts, anethesia, potential for infections and might not come out exactly as the patient expects. It’s less risk than heart surgery, but any surgery comes with natural risks.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

That’s a condition suffered by people who worry about their appearance to the point that it affects their mental health. Even fixing the problem condition might not relieve that underlying condition.

It can hurt

Most cosmetic surgery involve incisions and moving or removing parts of the body, which requires some recovery, some of which can hurt because of cuts and bruises. It may not be a big consideration, but one should expect some recovery discomfort or pain.


Most cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance (some is, in some cases), and Scottsdale cosmetic surgeons frequently are specialists, with years if not decades of expensive training and experience. If you want a good result, you have to pay for it. It might not be expensive as your think, but it isn’t free, and you have to compare the costs against the expected benefits.


If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you should carefully examine the pros and cons of whatever procedure might benefit you and know what you’re getting into and the costs and risks. It’s also recommended that you look into the Scottsdale doctors to find one whose background and comportment make your comfortable about moving forward.

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