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Woman sleeping fitfully

Sleepless in Scottsdale: Sleep Apnea and Self-Isolation

As if there weren’t already enough things interfering with rest, weeks of self-isolation and quarantine certainly aren’t helping Scottsdale’s struggling sleepers. Or the nation’s, for that matter. An estimated 50-70 million Americans have a sleeping disorder, 22 million of whom suffer from sleep…

Hunkering with the family during coronavirus

14 things to do while hunkering at home in Scottsdale

For all of us hunkering in place these days avoid the spread of coronavirus and looking for something to keep you entertained, here are a few tips and suggestions. No one is traveling much these days, and many of the features that Scottsdale is known for…
Woman with mask shopping

Tips for food shopping in Scottsdale amid virus crisis

A mask won't help much, but you can be safer when shopping for food these days If you’re hunkering at home and avoiding as much contact as possible, you might be wondering how to get food without getting close to others. In Scottsdale, you have three choices:…

Woman having acupuncture needles placed

Is acupuncture for you? Here’s a primer on the…

Acupuncture is a form of therapy and alternative medicine based on inserting needles into specific points on the body and at various depths. It is commonly used combined with other treatments to relieve people from pain…
Restaurant chef with gloves

Dining in Scottsdale during C-19

It seems like just a few days ago that – with family in town – we felt fortunate to get reservations for the Scottsdale restaurant we wanted to try on a Saturday night. That was before toilet paper panic. Now…
Fitness in pandemic

How to exercise safely in the Corona virus era

We’ve all been warned about large public gatherings and not touching commonly touched surfaces to limit the spread of the Corona virus. Public health offiials have also told us that those who are healthier have much…

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