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Professional woman and white boards

Fashion tips for the job interview

Dressing for an interview does not mean you have to diminish you sense of style. Express yourself in subtle ways. But you do want to show up dressed appropriately for the job you hope to get. Employment expert Beth C offers tips for dressing for the interview. Research the company Know the culture.…

Painting of woman with face mask

Face mask fashions for the coronavirus era

OK, we’re kidding here, of course, but a little levity might keep us from going stir-crazy while hunkering in place. So we thought we’d look for face mask fashion statements to share. We found a few. Not sure what runway originated this look, whether it’s…
Woman resting while hiking

Functional and fashionable hiking apparel

Many newcomers to hiking often realize mid-hike that there’s a reason you don’t see hikers wearing your everyday tennis shoes and gym clothes. The type of clothes and shoes you wear out on a hike can make the difference between struggling through your whole…

Fashion trend 2020 Classic blue

Biggest fashion trends for 2020

One of the biggest, fastest-growing and constantly changing industries is the fashion industry. Each season and every year, new trends appear on the fashion market, influenced by different cultural, political and…

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